Ballistic Cycles' hubless creation took the Baddest Bagger

74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Photo Gallery

STURGIS, S.D., AUG 4-10—Take one last look back at the 74th annual Sturgis Rally through NorCal Bureau... 
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Harley-Davidson Eclipse Triple Vent System Jacket

Harley-Davidson Eclipse Triple Vent System Jacket Instead of the usual product review where we start... 
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Sutter Creek

Day Tripping to Sloughhouse, California

Sloughhouse, Calif., June 6 — Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily routine of our lives that... 
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Club members present a $5,816 check to Children’s Hospital representatives

4th annual It’s All About the Kids Motorcycle Ride: Wide eyes and whopping smiles

Jen Strub

Minneapolis, Minn., July 19—It takes months and months of planning for fundraisers and usually, they are over in a matter of hours. But I’m proud to say that the efforts... read story

Gina Woods & Jill Parham of J&P withthe HER Project

J&P Cycles Open House Rally: Party in the heartland

Anamosa, Iowa, June 27–29—This one has been on my agenda for years, and this year I finally made it there. The 35th annual J&P Cycles... Read more »

Rolling Thunder Wreath Ceremony

Rolling Thunder XXVII: Riding to remember

Washington, D.C., May 29–June 1—The Rolling Thunder demonstration on Memorial Day weekend is a pilgrimage of sorts, where the people demand... Read more »

NYC H.O.G. Director Joe Sessa (l) and Grand Marshal Peter Vallone Jr. get ready to lead the ride

NYC H.O.G. Bikers Against Breast Cancer: Fighting a family disease

NEW YORK, N.Y., JUNE 8—Hundreds of motorcycles roared through the streets of New York City June 8 to raise money for NYC H.O.G. Bikers Against... Read more »

91st Laconia Motorcycle Week at The Weirs

91st Laconia Motorcycle Week: Good day sunshine

LACONIA, N.H., JUNE 14-22—It was the very first time that my ride to New Hampshire was blessed by sunny skies and warm weather. And the first... Read more »

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Editorially Speaking


Blue Dog Diaries: Future shock

How do you feel about electric motorcycles? And by “you” I mean current Harley riders and the legions of Milwaukee... Read more »

Robert Fila

Southern Rail: Safe keeping

Growing up as a kid, I led a sheltered life. Times were rough on occasion, but it was a simpler time. I don’t... Read more »

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Harley-Davidson Eclipse Triple Vent System Jacket

Harley-Davidson Eclipse Triple Vent System Jacket

Felicia Morgan

Harley-Davidson Eclipse Triple Vent System Jacket Instead of the usual product review where we start out with a pristine new item photographed for your visual enlightenment,... read story

National Cycle Gladiator Windshield FXDB

National Cycle Gladiator Windshield: Stealthy and versatile

I’m not a fan of windshields. All pros aside, I undeniably favor the clean and uncluttered look on... Read more »

Harley-Davidson Premium Luggage Sissy Bar Backpack

Harley-Davidson Sissy Bar Backpack: Cavernous companion

The term “backpack” was coined in the U.S. in the early 1900’s, though similar over-the-shoulder... Read more »

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Free Range: Fresh start

I took a wrong turn off the freeway and managed to get lost in downtown Portland. This isn’t new for me, but... Read more »


Bullin Through Life: Highway from hell

Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! Have ya ever had a naggin’ feelin’ that somethin’ was gonna screw up,... Read more »

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Regional Buzz


Two-Wheel Two-Step: August, 2014

On May 15–18, the Rally in the Crater was held in Mt. Enterprise. Staged in an actual crater that serves as... Read more »


The Shadow Knows: August, 2014

Have you heard about the Biker Ice Bucket Challenge? Members of my club, the Iron Knights MC, posted some hilarious... Read more »

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