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Thunder Pants: Offbeat News

Harley gets presidential

Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Image

After canceling his Milwaukee trip to Harley-Davidson HQ, President Trump invited the Motor Company and union officials to the White House on Feb. 2. The President remarked, “It’s great to have Harley-Davidson. What a great, great group of people and what a fantastic job you do… Harley-Davidson is a true American icon, one of the greats. Your motorcycles have carried ...

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Targeting Bikers

Ever since the first archer painted a series of concentric rings on a bale of hay, targets for hunting, recreation and protection have been a part of improving your skills. And while that original target is still viable, silhouette targets have recently become the rage for shooting enthusiasts. First made popular on televised law enforcement programs, silhouette targets now come ...

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Banning bikes

Overseas motorcycle news may be a grim indicator of how easily things might go awry in America. Recently Paris announced a plan to ban motorcycles produced before 1999 from parts of the city during the day. Since the French capital continues to have some of the worst air pollution in the world, the reasoning is the new law will address ...

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Lift with your legs

A team of 23 students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands is causing a storm, taking off for a 14,300-mile trip around the world. The center of all the excitement is the STORM Wave, a revolutionary development in electric motorcycles developed by group of several independent companies. While we at THUNDER PRESS remain partial to recycling dinosaur hydrocarbons ...

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Smile for the gas pump

If you believe the U.S. government plays too large a role in mandating restrictive motorcycle laws, celebrate the fact you do not live in Kerala, a southern state in India. India has had a national helmet requirement for both riders and passengers since 1988 with implementation of the law left to the states on an individual basis. But with motorcycles ...

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Strange bikefellows

It’s been said that politics make strange bedfellows. Apparently it also makes for strange motorcycle larceny. At the end of October, a Rhode Island State Representative who recently lost his bid for reelection was criminally charged with attempting to steal the political signs of another candidate. The truly offensive part is he was riding a motorcycle during the commission of ...

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Typhoon trio

When hurricanes make landfall, they have a way of putting life on hold. Power outages, limited communication and restricted travel give people a lot of extra time. And “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” never rang more true than recently when three South Carolina teens stirred up their own personal storm. That’s when, under cover of pounding rains and loss ...

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Bank-bungling biker

If the reports can be believed, young Hunter Chafin should most probably not make anyone’s short list as the head of your new crime syndicate. This 19-year-old from Arkansas was arrested in mid-October on suspicion of bank robbery after he was believed to have stolen $3,350 in cash from a bank in Eureka Springs. After the heist, Chafin took a ...

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Once lost now found


Once again, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip has published a list of things left behind by campers during the 2016 rally. Most of these were common items such as keys, eyeglasses, camping gear, leftover food (a half-eaten sausage and an unopened jar of pickles?), hats and helmets, and the like. There were some items, like a small powerboat, that seemed awfully ...

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Mommy dearest


We all know the dangers of distracted drivers, but how often do the dire consequences involve two members of the same family? Recently, a motorcyclist calling himself HD Jake posted a YouTube video displaying footage from the GoPro mounted on his helmet. The 4 ½-minute clip starts with a young man chatting with his mom in a parking lot. They ...

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